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Essentially, NAATI allows people who are fluent in more than one language to become registered as a professional interpreter and/or translator.


NAATI stands for the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters, and is responsible for setting and maintaining high national standards for language practitioners in Australia. It is the only organisation authorized by every state of Australia to issue certification for translators and interpreters wishing to provide professional language services in Australia. They issue certification to practitioners of common languages and recognition to language practitioners for rare languages (for more information, see Types of Certification below). The organisation is present across every state and territory in both Australia and New Zealand. If you wish to become a NAATI certified translator or interpreter, visit the NAATI website.




NAATI offers different levels of certification. They are an acknowledgement that an individual can meet the professional requirements of the translation and interpreting industry. These levels of certification are based on the level of mastery of the interpreter or translator, and go from basic recognition to very advanced accreditation. The Professional Translator certification represents the most common level of competence for professional document translation. This level of certification is recommended for work in most settings including law, medical, social, banking, courts and community services. Luckily for you, our interpreters and translators have extensive experience across these fields, as well as many others.


You can request a translation from a translator or book an interpreter with a NAATI certification from our panel. ATL’s constantly growing panel regroups over  750+ Certified Translators and Interpreters. ATL’s exclusive database, along with a national database of 3500+ certified interpreters to ensure that we cover all languages and dialects across all states in Australia.


Below is a full list of certifications and credentials offered by NAATI:


Translator certification and credentials:

  • Advanced Translator (Senior) – Formerly Level 5
  • Advanced Translator – Formerly Level 4
  • Certified Translator – Formerly Level 3 or Professional Translator
  • Paraprofessional Translator – Formerly Level 2 no similar Certification provided by NAATI
  • Recognized Practising Translator – Formerly Translator Recognition – Used for dialect and language certification not offered by NAATI


Interpreter certification and credentials:

  • Conference Interpreter (Senior) – Formerly Level 5
  • Conference Interpreter – Formerly Level 4
  • Certified Interpreter – Formerly Level 3 or Professional Interpreter
  • Certified Provisional Interpreter – Formerly Level 2 or Paraprofessional Interpreter
  • Recognized Practising Translator – Formerly Interpreter Recognition – Used for dialect and language certification not offered by NAATI
  • Language Aide – Awarded for completing a NAATI test



If you need any services from a NAATI Certified Interpreter or Translator, you can get a quote or call us on: (02) 9231 3288


For more information about each certification, check the Outline of NAATI Credentials.




So why should you get a NAATI certified translator?


If you are looking to migrate, study, or work in Australia, any personal document that you translate needs to bear the NAATI certification stamp. Australian universities, government bodies and employers require document translations to be completed by a NAATI Certified translator. ATL provides document translations from certified translators for thousands of people across Australia, so request a translation with us today!


The most common document translations are:


  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Divorce Certificates
  • Police Checks and Police Reports
  • Identification Cards (IDs)
  • University Degrees
  • Academic Transcripts
  • School Diplomas
  • Passports


If your documents were translated by a non-certified translator, ATL offers a translation checking service. This service is destined to check the reliability of a translation and award it the certification stamp.


ATL and its staff have accepted and adopted the AUSIT Code of Ethics, to which every translation and interpreting practitioner is bound, thereby ensuring an ethical and high-quality service. One of the essential prerequisites to joining the ATL panel is that interpreters and translators need to have a certification (or, if unavailable, a recognition). Furthermore, when requesting an interpreter or a translator with ATL, you can count on:


  • Quality – Your translation will always be reliable and certified, and our interpreters attended 99.6% of total bookings (see our Quality Assurance)
  • Professional Conduct – Our coordinators will always match you with the best interpreter for you
  • Confidentiality – We do not disclose any personal information about your clients
  • Competence – With 50 years’ experience, you can trust ATL for all your Certified language services needs
  • Reliability – We never miss a deadline, and we can provide urgent interpreting and translation services